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Our award winning team bring an exciting skillset, experienced in engaging social media savvy audiences and always aiming to push the bar in delivering impact via social media storytelling.

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The environment is at the heart of everything we do and working sustainably is important to us.

Our Film and TV work is part of the Netflix ‘Net Zero + Nature’ commitment.

We continue to review how we’re working; to learn and to adapt how we work according to best practises and guidance from Albert.

Where possible we incorporate sustainability messaging on screen.

Kasigauredd + Netflix

As part of Netflix’s commitment to Net Zero, we’re working to protect and regenerate natural ecosystems around the world. This approach buys us time to decarbonize our economy while restoring these life support systems, which is why we’re supporting the Wildlife Works Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project.

Wildlife Works and community members of Kasigau protect the dryland forest that’s home to hundreds of endangered species and implement alternatives to activities like poaching and charcoal burning through the co-development of sustainable economic development pathways.

Palm Oil

Meet Syamsudin, he cut down his palm oil plantation after seeing the damage to the ecosystem first hand and now encourages owners to do the same. Through his son Tambo, Syamsudin hopes the next generation will continue to encourage much needed change in this biodiversity hotspot.

This project is run by non profit Forum Konservasi Leuser (FKL).


What is rewilding and how does it allow wild spaces to bounce back? Cristian Saucedo helped the Patagonia team film incredible species for the series, here he reveals how this national park is thriving thanks to rewilding efforts.

Slow Loris

Gunung Leuser National Park is home to a massive amount of wildlife, all unique and special in their own ways. Among these hundreds of different species, one has managed to gain a bit of fame; the Slow Loris. As demand has spiked for owning these animals as pets, we’ve seen them almost disappear from the wild. Learn how projects like The Kukang Rescue Program are helping to protect these animals.

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