At Wild Space there are three things that become the foundations of everything we do…

Start here, go anywhere

We champion authentic, local voices and exceptional talent from across the globe and around the UK.

Here at Wild Space we give our teams the freedom and tools to innovate and push boundaries to keep moving the genre forward..

Curiosity is at our core – it drives our people and the stories they tell.

Our Culture

Space to grow, freedom to explore.

Our shared ambition is to deliver highly entertaining, cutting edge creative excellence in the natural history space.

We collaborate with the very best talent adopting a progressive approach that focuses on nurturing an inspiring culture to enable our people to do their best work.

We invest in training and development for everyone who works with us.

Inclusion is a core value as true excellence requires a welcoming environment that embraces difference and offers respect for everybody.

Our Wild Space office is entirely made from sustainable materials and all our projects are certified by Albert.

James Honeyborne – Creative Director

Our Story

Exciting stories from curious minds.

Wild Space is a production hub, established in 2019, to produce high end natural history and science content exclusively for Netflix.

We work in creative partnership with James Honeyborne’s Freeborne Media producing a large slate of content originated by their innovative development team.

The stories we tell are contemporary and meaningful with a focus on nature and the environment. Offering a truly global perspective our programmes explore the major habitats of the world, meeting a myriad of species, recording incredible natural spectacles and revealing brand new behaviour.

Entertainment and purpose are at the core of everything we do.

Our people

Jason Berring

Our Great National Parks Camera Assistant Jason Berring to find out more about filming from the series, growing up in Monterey and finding his way into the industry.

Seetsele Nthomiwa

Meet Gaokgonwe Seetsele Nthomiwa a cinematographer for the Natural History Film Unit in Botswana who we partnered with for our feature length documentary SurvivingParadise: A Family Tale.  Seetsele‘s experience is that attitudes to wildlife across Botswana are not always as positive as his and his passion is to help educate people about the biodiversity of the Okkavango Delta.

Isai Madriz

Little is known about why leopard seals sing, hear their extraordinary sounds as we go on location with Our Great National Parks.

René Araneda

How do you film a puma hunt for Our Great National Parks? Hang onto your seat as wildlife filmmaker Rene Araneda takes you behind this gripping sequence shot in Patagonia.

Emmanuel Harerimana

Gorilla tracker Emmanuel worked with the World of Wonder team to film a mountain gorilla family in Volcanoes National Park. Growing up next to the park means Emmanuel has a personal connection to this place and added insights on how the gorillas live here and why it’s important to protect them.

Jessie Johnson

Camera Assistant and wildlife photographer Jessie Johnson shares what it was like to film sea otters for the Monterey episode of Our Great National Parks. From their familiar character traits to the challenges they face and what we can learn from them for our future.


The discovery of a new species of hammerhead worm in Leuser led to one of the Our Great National Parks series most horrifying sequences! Local guide Ipul gives us the inside story.

Foundations of what we do